Activities for schools on the Costa del Sol

Activities for schools on the Costa del Sol
If you are looking for an activity to do with your class group, Turismo Marinero offers you the possibility of making an excursion for original and unique schools in Andalusia.
It is an activity that will bring children closer to the culture, tradition and knowledge of professionals in the sector, with all security measures. Laughter and fun guaranteed, throwing yourself into the sea with your class. They will feel like real grumetes, do you enlist with us to know the ins and outs of the sea?

Activities for schools on the Costa del Sol

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When we decided to launch into the sea, we were very clear that our objectives are to revalue the activity of artisanal fishing, the resources of the sea and its natural and cultural heritage. What better way to do it than doing a dive, with the professionals of the sector?

For this reason, we design activities dedicated exclusively to schools in order to promote and transmit educational and educational values ​​related to the marine world.

Malaga School Excursions

Colegios Turismo Marinero

They are fun and educational activities that reinforce the contents taught in class about the primary activity, the fishing sector, marine biology, since we adapt and expand the educational agenda that they are giving at school or that they will give … In short, have to the sea as the driving force for learning and for fun!
If you are going to plan the school excursion, check out our proposals, and contact us without obligation.
We collaborate with the objectives of the educational program, with activities that complement what is given in class. A complementary, enriching, fun experience. A way to get out of the routine and learn by experimenting with the workshops we do:

  • Sailor on Earth – Learn Values
  • Between sea and land – A world to discover
  • Gymkana marinera – Fun in the port
  • Grumetes protective of the sea – Learning and responsibility
  • Choose your destination port: Estepona, Caleta de Vélez, Fuengirola or Marbella

Scholl´s Activities

Do you know the offers available to get the best price? 12% of the price on the chosen activity:

  •  From 4 classes of the same school.
  •  In the afternoon activities.
  •  For schools that come from 100 km or more away.
  •  In low season: October, January and February.
  • (*) In the event that a student cannot attend for economic reasons, they may also come for free.


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Do not miss this experience and enjoy your sea class. Education and fun in one place.