Original anniversary gifts, saylor tourism

Is a designated date approaching and you still don’t know what to give? Do you celebrate your anniversary and want...
Original anniversary gifts, saylor tourism

Is a designated date approaching and you still don’t know what to give? Do you celebrate your anniversary and want your gift not to go unnoticed? Surely you have a lot of ideas in your head that just didn’t convince you at all.
Impressing your partner can be difficult. But, because of our experience with couples, there is something that always triumphs: what we call the ‘wow effect’ that produces enjoying a sunset at sea with your partner, aboard the Daviana and with the only sound of the sea . You want to know more? Original anniversary gifts.


Original anniversary gifts for couples


Your first kiss, your wedding … No matter what you are celebrating exactly. What does matter is that 365 days have passed, or even more, since that moment that you remember as if it were yesterday, but the truth is that time flies by and you still continue with that beautiful memory, that you will never forget.
How beautiful it is to be able to relive that important day with your partner year after year. True? That is why we want to help you find a gift that leaves your partner with a wide smile on his face. Flowers? Watches chocolates? Boring getaways? …
If what you are looking for is something original, out of the ordinary and that you will always remember, in Maritime Tourism we offer you several unforgettable gifts. Get out of the topics and discover new ways to show love. Take note!


Sunset in Estepona aboard the Daviana

barco turismo malaga
Is there anything more romantic than sunset? You may think not, but in Maritime Tourism we exceed the level of romanticism by adding a boat and a bottle of champagne. Do you have any requests like roses, champagne or chocolate? You just have to ask for it to be a special surprise.
We leave the port of Estepona aboard the Daviana, a Menorquin Yach model ship. To understand us, it’s like the BMW of cars. A luxury boat with all the comforts and benefits so that your experience is exclusive, unique and super romantic.
We will head southwest, enjoying the views, the sea breeze and the visit of the occasional dolphin. But the peak is reached when the sun goes down and the sky acquires a reddish color that you see in the photos. It is then that there is silence on the ship, with the only sound of the sea and the slight sway of the tide, a postcard that you will hardly forget.
Already in the dark, we set our way to the port lit by the lighthouse with the sensation of having lived something incredible, with adrenaline and happiness. It is something that cannot be explained with words, you have to live it.

Boat Night for a couple

As a complement to the sunset with your partner, we propose to spend a romantic night aboard the Daviana.

After the boat trip to enjoy the beautiful sunset, you will return to the port, Pedro and I will leave so that you can enjoy your boat night in Estepona. You will have the boat for yourself! An evening full of emotions in which you will taste a delicious dinner on the ship itself.

When you wake up you will have to rub your eyes twice to realize that it is not a dream, you have slept in a boat with your partner! Enjoy breakfast for two to put the finishing touch to this amazing evening.
Do not you think it anymore! Surprise your partner with the unique and magical experience of sleeping on a boat in Malaga.


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